Zio’s Pizzeria West Review

Zio’s Pizzeria West
12997 West Center Road, Omaha, Nebraska

Zio's PizzeriaSince 1985, Zio’s Pizzeria has been making hand stretched New York style pizza in Omaha. Zio’s is a well known name around these parts having won numerous awards for their pies. They now have three restaurants in town and tonight we decided to visit the West Omaha location on West Center Road. Continue reading

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Bernie’s Pizza Parlor Review

Bernie’s Pizza Parlor
5092 S 136 St, Omaha, Nebraska

Bernie's Pizza Parlor

Bernie’s Pizza Parlor has been located in old Millard since the 1970’s. In fact, I grew up playing baseball on the fields right behind Bernie’s and having ice cream at the Dairy Queen right across the street.

Many things have changed over the years, but Bernie’s is pretty much the same as it’s always been. I’m certain most everything inside Bernie’s is exactly the way it was the first day Bernie said, “Let’s do this!” and flipped the Open sign. In fact Bernie himself is still running the show. Yes, it’s pretty dated, but we came for the pizza. Onward… Continue reading

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G & D Pizzaria Review

G & D Pizzaria
2101 West Broadway, Columbia, Missouri

G&D Pizzaria

Road trip! This weekend we were out of town, but we still made time to try a new pizza place. This time it was G & D Pizzaria in Columbia, Missouri. G & D is more than just a pizza place. In fact, they are actually a Greek restaurant that does steaks, sandwiches, gyros and a lot more. Continue reading

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Mama’s Pizza Review

Mama’s Pizza West
15615 Pacific Street – Omaha, Nebraska

Mama's Pizza West

Mama’s Pizza West

Drive past the strip mall at 157th and Pacific in Omaha on a Friday or Saturday night and you’re sure to see the parking lot full of cars. Two big names in Omaha dining have set up shop in west Omaha. One being a fine Mexican restaurant named Hector’s and the other being Mama’s Pizza.

Mama’s Pizza is a family owned business that started more than 25 years ago at their original location on Saddle Creek Road. They now operate two restaurants, the original and the west location in Millard. Continue reading

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Roma’s Pizza and Subs Review

Roma’s Pizza and Subs
2647 S 159th Plaza – Omaha, Nebraska

Roma's Pizza and Subs

Roma’s Pizza and Subs

UPDATE: Roma’s Pizza has been closed.

Roma’s Pizza and Subs is located in the old Don Carmelo’s spot in a little strip mall just north of West Center Road.

It’s a decent sized place with around 9 booths for dining. They have a self-serve soda fountain as well as 5 beers on tap. I recommend a Peroni. There are also a few flat screen TVs on the wall for your viewing pleasure. The small kitchen features an old Vulcan deck oven. Continue reading

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Johnny Sortino’s Pizza Parlor Review

Johnny Sortino’s Pizza Parlor
7800 L Street – Omaha, Nebraska

Johnny Sortino’s is a well-known name in Omaha having been around since the early 1960’s. This family restaurant is very large, having at least three eating rooms with plenty of TVs, a bar, and a game room for the kids. Continue reading

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Sgt. Peffer’s – Cafe Italian Review

Sgt. Peffer’s – Cafe Italian
13760 Millard Avenue – Omaha, Nebraska

Sgt. Peffer's

Sgt. Peffer’s has been in Omaha for a long time. They have two locations, the original on Saddle Creek Road near the Homy Inn and the other out West in Millard. We ate at the Millard location. The restaurant has two large dining rooms with the kitchen in the middle. You order and pay at the counter then take a number and a seat. Continue reading

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