Red’s Savoy Pizza Review – The Pizza Place

Red’s Savoy Pizza/The Pizza Place
1904 North 168th St – Omaha, Nebraska
3510 North 167th Circle, Omaha, Nebraska

The Pizza Place

4/1/2012 Update: According to their Facebook page, The Pizza Place has changed it’s name to Red’s Savoy Pizza. Same menu and recepies, just a new name. I’ve edited this review to reflect the recent name change.

3/28/2013 Update: Red’s Savoy Pizza has relocated to 3510 North 167th Circle (168th and Maple)

Red’s Savoy Pizza/The Pizza Place is a small restaurant next to Family Video on the southwest corner of 168th and Blondo in Omaha. The restaurant was simple and clean, with just a few UNO sports items and a television on the wall.

It’s a self-serve kind of place much like Sgt. Peffer’s. Cups, plates, silverware, napkins, to go boxes, and soda fountain are all in the back corner at the ready.

We ordered a pepperoni pizza, a veggie pizza, and an order of garlic bread at the front counter and took a seat. Our garlic bread was out in no time with a cup of marinara for dippin’. Both were quite good.

Our pizzas arrived after just a short wait. Presented on silver pizza trays, they both looked tasty. The crusts here are on the thin and crispy side (they use a dough docker to keep the dough from puffing up while cooking); not so much chewy like New York style. The sauce provided a decent kick. I really enjoyed the spicy sauce, but my wife did not; it had a bit too much zip for her. The pepperoni pizza was loaded with plenty of peps and cheese. This is a cheese on top pizza joint, so if you prefer your pepperoni a bit crispy you’re out of luck (I’m sure if you asked they’d throw them on top for you). The veggie pizza was piled with the typical offerings: onion, green bell pepper, black olives, and mushrooms. Unfortunately the mushrooms seemed to be canned – a big no-no for my vegetable loving better half. While faster and cheaper, certainly not as good as fresh mushrooms.

Overall it was a good experience, and we would visit here again.

The good: Friendly staff, quick service, clean room, good pizza (if you like a little spice in your sauce)
The bad: Canned mushrooms

Oven: Deck
Crust: Thin, crispy, almost cracker like
Sauce: Spicy
Cheese: On top of all toppings

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